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Name: MS Internet Explorer
Type: Browser
Description: The BEST browser out there!
Links: [DL] [DL]

Name: Windows Media Player
Type: Audio Player
Description: View streaming files and downloaded files, music, video, the lot. One of the most versatile players around
Links: [DL]

Name: Winamp
Type: Audio Player
Description: The first and best Mp3 player. Can also play WMA's
Links: [HP]
Name: MSN Messenger
Type: Chat/Email
Description: Online chat software - a must for hotmail users
Links: [XP][9X]
Name: Winzip
Type: Compression
Description: Best zipper and unzipper program
Links: [DL]
Name: Kazaa!
Type: MP3/Sharing
Description: Average P2P file sharing application
Links: [DL]
Name: Gozilla
Type: Download manager
Description: Resume downloads, no corrupt files. Excellent features! Get the Full version here for free!
Links: [HP]
Name: WinMX
Type: MP3/Sharing
Description: WinMX is a FREE file-sharing program. It allows you to simultaneously connect through the decentralized WinMX Peer Networking Protocol.
Links: [DL]
Name: Mirc
Type: Chat/Sharing
Description: Chatting program, used for IRC
Links: [HP]
Name: Yahoo! Messenger
Type: Chat/Email
Description: Online chat software - for Yahoo! users
Links: [DL]
Name: DC++
Type: MP3/Sharing
Links: [HP]
Name: Morpheus
Type: MP3/Sharing
Description: Morpheus is a full-featured P2P file-sharing application that allows users to search for all types of digital media across the MusicCity Network.
Links: [DL]

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