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Punjab is the birth place of Sikhism and is very important to Sikhs worldwide. It is also the home of the Golden Temple. It should be noted that the map above doesn't represent the true original Punjab, of which half was given away to Pakistan in 1947 as part of the partition deal. It was further divided by the Indian government in to three more parts with Haryana in the south and Himachal Pradesh in the east. The Sikhs (and Hindus) in Punjab are a hard working and prosperous people who are very successful in every field of woking life. Sikhs and Punjabi Hindus make every effort to get equal state rights for Punjab and to make sure that Punjab is not discriminated against by the central government. Until recently Punjab was treated unfairly by the old Indian governments becuase of its success. This is now changing as new govenrments have come to power and are giving Punjab the rights it deserves. However, despite all the problems and discrimination against Punjab, this great land is still an exciting and properous place which only gets better and better!
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Golden Temple (Punjab)

Golden Temple, Amritsar

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