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Nobody Is Born A Racist

Written By: Sukhbir Singh Sangha

Yes, its true that nobody is born a racist. Some people had some bad circumstances that pushed them to be violated and supremacist. Racism is increasing day by day and its not only in our community but also exists in all groups and cultures. The next generation might be racist because they might grow up with racist parents and then they will think that its ok to be racist. They dont think its wrong because they were taught that way. Thats why the saying nobody is born a racist is true.


Racism is where people are treated differently because of their skin color or religion. Racism is one of the worst things in this world and should be banned. Racism hurts people and makes something inside of them break. If everyone stopped racism in one way it would make the world better place. Nobody is perfect and clear of mind in this world, just take an example of your hand all fingers are not the same all are different in size; it means some people are good and some bad, no one is the same. By hate someone, we cannot get anything. Its worth nothing. Racism is the most horrible thing in this world. It has been around generations and generations and we all feel its time to stop it. Racism is wrong because it hurts others and makes them feel ashamed of who are they.  Also, they may hurt themselves or others.  When you are born, you are not born racist.  If someone is racist you probably learned it from your friends or parents.


Canada has no official culture but it still has a lot of racism considering what kind of history we have experienced in the past. Canada has many religions and cultures still discriminated against each other.

Racism is also a big problem in schools. Have you ever been picked on for the color of your skin? Well a lot of people have. If we teach kids that it is wrong then racism wont be as bad as in the future as it is today. Some people that racist dont realize what they do to the people. They may say rude things about others color or religions. Nobody really understands why there are so many people being racist because from outside we all are different but inside we all are the same. We should accept diversity and other peoples differences. Diversity is accepting other people's differences and for who are they. If we all work together we can stop racism by accepting diversity. Nobody born a racist but they are bought up to believe that they are better than someone who looks different. You probably cant stop people having children just because they are racist. Again, nobody is born a racist; it is leaned from family or friends.


If everybody was treated equally, there wouldnt be any racism and everybody would get an equal chance in society. We wish racism had never started.  It would have made a big difference in the world today.  We can only imagine what the world would be like with no racism. Now we live in modern time and there is still so much discrimination between the different races. We cannot accept hatred between us. Racism is everywhere so lets stop it right at the source.  We cant allow that people treated differently because of their race, because there is only one race, the human race!

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